Now Hiring - San Francisco Community & Events Manager

The Aussie Founder’s Network, a non-profit public benefit corporation founded in San Francisco, is looking for an energetic and self-motivated individual to join our team as a Community and Events Manager.

The successful candidate for this part-time role will enjoy a flexible work environment and schedule with a dynamic range of responsibilities focused around connecting with and helping Australian-connected startups and their teams to succeed on the world stage.

Responsibilities include:

  • Connecting with new community members through interviews (Zoom calls or coffee meetings) to ensure our community develops on the basis of authenticity and strong personal connections. The successful candidate will be in many ways a lynch-pin of the Aussie tech community in San Francisco, getting to know many impressive founders and their businesses and being in a position over time to help them through advice and introductions.

  • Organizing, promoting and running events on roughly a monthly basis in and around San Francisco. This part of the role will involve liaising with venues and their teams (who donate their space to AFN), creating website and Eventbrite pages for events, ordering and organizing food and beverages for our events and being the key person on the day/evening of the event to ensure that it runs smoothly.

  • Liaising with sponsors in conjunction with our Board. As a non-profit, AFN’s sponsor relationships are critical to our success and ongoing viability. In this role you’ll have regular contact with a variety of sponsors, and will ensure that they are acknowledged, invoiced and feel that they’re a part of the AFN mission and see the effect of their contributions on the growth of the Australian startup ecosystem.

  • Updating, maintaining and curating the AFN membership database. With over 2000 members now globally, it will be important for this role to be frequently updating the membership database (including tracking details like fundraising, office expansions and other news from our members) for the San Francisco-based companies that are part of AFN.

  • Interacting with our community through our primary social media platforms to ensure that the AFN message - especially as it pertains to news from members of our community - is shared. Additionally, given the important role of social media as a vehicle for people to ask for help and advice, being an active participant in our communities on social media is an important part of helping strengthen and create value for our community.

Interested applicants should send their cover letter and resume to by midnight on Friday September 27th, 2019.